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As a non-profit youth baseball team, we are on a mission to redefine possibilities for elite young athletes, ensuring that talent, not circumstance, paves the way to success.

The Houston Wildcatters Organization supports teams from 8U-18U



The Houston Wildcatters pride themselves on providing unparalleled opportunities for our youth, transcending socioeconomic barriers. We believe in a level playing field where every dedicated athlete, regardless of background, can compete at the highest level both academically and athletically.

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High School

Same Wildcatters. Different age group. Our mission is clear: to develop not only skilled players but future leaders of character. Committed to creating opportunities, we strive to propel our athletes towards elite-level baseball while ensuring access to higher education.

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Houston Blast

As a parent-funded program, the Houston Blast has provided opportunities to many players needing more repetitions and in-game experience before making “the leap” to tougher competition in both AAA and Majors.  With a proven track record of “calling up” high-performing Blast players (even converting entire Blast teams when necessary) into the fully-funded Wildcatters organization, we are committed to giving kids of all skill levels an opportunity to hone their skills and develop properly. 

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We employ highly qualified coaches, each going through extensive background checks and screenings, to ensure our kids are only taught by the best. Each coach possesses collegiate or professional-level experience, to effectively guide our youth athletes in reaching their utmost potential both academically and athletically.


At The Houston Wildcatters, we believe in the transformative power of the game. Our dedicated coaching staff is focused on honing the talents of our players, instilling values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.


Beyond the field, we are devoted to opening doors to higher education through scholarship opportunities, fostering a pathway for our young athletes to pursue their dreams at their preferred institutions.

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