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Coaches Corner: Q&A with Cody Farr

Cody Farr was the first coach in the North for the Houston Wildcatters and a current head coach to the 14U Major team. In 2023, Cody achieved an impressive ranking of #16 with Perfect Game, a testament to his dedication and skill.

What sets Cody apart is his innovative approach to player development, constantly pushing boundaries to ensure his players not only excel but also stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of youth baseball. His commitment to excellence is truly inspiring.

Q: How do you approach player development and skill building?

CF: This really depends on the age group. I feel like skill building is something that is worked on at an early age when you are learning the fundamentals of the game. Obviously you have to continue to work on improving those skills as you get older, but I also think that the older you get, the more that work happens on the player’s personal time and not at practice. Player development is an ongoing thing. The things that we focus on are character, attitude, toughness and being selfless and playing for the guy next to you. WE>ME

Q: How do you prioritize sportsmanship and character development in your coaching?

CF: This is something that we talk about all the time. I am big on respecting the game and playing it the right way. That includes sportsmanship and always respecting your opponent. Without character you are on borrowed time because coaches at the next level are looking for high character guys. Guys that can handle failure and adversity and keep pushing with a positive approach. Sportsmanship and character are vital to the success of a ballplayer and can ultimately be what makes or breaks you.

Q: How do you balance competitiveness with the goal of providing a positive, enjoyable experience for all players?

CF: I personally try to find kids that feed off of competition. When you find those type of players then the competition alone makes for an enjoyable experience, because that is the environment that they want to be in. The challenge then becomes making sure that all teammates are pulling in the same direction and not getting lost in the internal competition. At the end of the day we all have to be pulling in the same direction if we expect to be successful. I think competition is a good thing and helps avoid complacency.


BIO: Coach Farr graduated from Humble High School in 1998, where he was a four-year letterman in baseball under Coach David Sitton. Farr went on to attend San Jacinto Jr. College, where he played for Coach Chris Rupp. During his time at San Jac, Farr helped the Gators reach the Junior College world series in Grand Junction, Colorado.

After junior college, Farr went on to play his final two seasons at Texas State University, where he was a two-year starter for the Bobcats under coach Ty Harrington. After his playing career concluded, Farr was fortunate to stay on the baseball staff at Texas State, beginning his coaching career as a graduate assistant for the Bobcats. Following his tenure at Texas State, Farr spent time with Dynasty Baseball in Kingwood for 11 years before joining the Houston Wildcatters organization.

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