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Houston Wildcatters Slide into the Offseason with Record-Breaking Achievements

The Houston Wildcatters dominated the diamond during the fall 2023 season with 86 titles and a staggering 1,566 wins under the Perfect Game banner! This incredible performance landed us a #3 national ranking, solidifying our place as one of the nation's top youth baseball organizations.

12U Whitby - Gulf Coast Select Championships (OPEN)
12U Whitby - Gulf Coast Select Championships (OPEN)

But what truly sets us apart is our deep local roots. Unlike other organizations, we proudly boast winning 35 majors, with 5 playing up a level, all hailing from right here in Houston. This homegrown talent fueled our success, with TEN teams ranked in the top 25 nationally, doubling the number of our closest competitor.

Our dedicated coaches deserve a standing ovation! Their expertise was recognized on a national stage, with several being selected by Perfect Game to coach at prestigious State and National tournaments. At these events, the unmistakable sea of orange and blue Wildcatters jerseys made a powerful statement, showcasing the largest organizational representation in the entire country. This achievement speaks volumes about the hard work, talent, coaching expertise, and unwavering parental support that fuel our organization.

Houston Blast 14U - Henshaw
Houston Blast 14U - Henshaw

Our Houston Blast development program experienced explosive growth, with 8 championship wins at the AA/AAA level. The exceptional performance even led to a historic moment: the Allen 11U team was promoted to the Wildcatters program, marking the first-ever Houston Blast team to make the jump. This exciting achievement highlights the program's effectiveness in preparing players for the competitive Wildcatters level. 

In 2024, we're expanding the Houston Blast program to 11 teams, providing even more young athletes with the opportunity to hone their skills and build confidence.

High School Program - Houston Wildcatters

Finally, our High School program continues its upward trajectory, transitioning into a showcase organization. Several of our talented players were selected to participate in prestigious camps and tournaments across the nation, paving the way for them to shine at the next level.

As we head into the 2024 season, the Wildcatters are poised for another record-breaking year. With unmatched local talent, dedicated coaches, and a commitment to player development, we're ready to raise the bar even higher. Let's go, Houston Wildcatters!

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